The Facts About Cancer Pain

What is Cancer Pain?

Cancer pain takes many forms. It may be short-lived or long-lasting, mild or severe, or affect one or a few organs, bones or organ systems. Each patient’s pain is unique. Therefore, each patient must have a treatment plan that addresses his or her individual needs.

What are the causes of Cancer Pain?

Most cancer pain arises when a tumor presses on bone, nerves or body organs. The pain may vary according to location. For example, a small tumor located near a nerve or the spinal cord may be very painful, while a larger tumor elsewhere may not cause discomfort. But, pain does not always indicate tumor progression or recurrence.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, also can cause pain. Also, certain painful conditions are more likely to occur in patients with a suppressed immune system, which often results from these therapies.

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